Download Python, Matlab, or IDL APIs to remotely access Madrigal

Madrigal is now easy to access from any platform remotely using web services. Since these API's have been tested on both Windows and Unix, they are available both as tar files and zip files.

To use any of these API's, there is usually no need to read any documentation. Just create the command to run using the web page at .

New! - The python, Matlab, and IDL API's now all have a globalDownload method, which allows you to download any group of Madrigal files with one simple command. Also, they can now download Hdf5, netCDF4, and Ascii files from Madrigal 3 site such as


Try Madrigal 3.2 (python 3 based) at


Download Madrigal 3.2.7 - Released May 1, 2023

Madrigal 3.2.7 is now released. Unlike Madrigal 3.0, Madrigal 3.2.7 is built on python 3. It is also compatible with running Madrigal using https. Like Madrigal 3.0, Madrigal 3.2.6 is based on Hdf5, and no longer uses the non-standard CEDAR file format. It also has an all-new Django/bootstrap based web interface. For a full list of new features, see the Madrigal What's New page. Please contact Bill Rideout with any questions or problems. Now requires autotools (automake, autoconf, aclocal, autoheader, libtoolize) be installed.

Complete instructions for installing Madrigal for the first time, or for upgrading to the latest release, are available in the documentation.

Complete Madrigal Distribution