Welcome to the CEDAR Madrigal Database

Madrigal is an upper atmospheric science database used by groups throughout the world. Madrigal is a robust, World Wide Web based system capable of managing and serving archival and real-time data, in a variety of formats, from a wide range of upper atmospheric science instruments. Data at each Madrigal site is locally controlled and can be updated at any time, but shared metadata between Madrigal sites allow searching of all Madrigal sites at once from any Madrigal site.

To see a list of all Madrigal sites, use the Other Madrigal sites pull down menu. Data can also be accessed directly, using APIs which are available for several popular programming languages (Matlab, python, and IDL). A Subversion archive of all Madrigal software and documentation is available from the Open Madrigal Web site. The latest version of Madrigal and the remote API's may also be downloaded from there.

The CEDAR Madrigal database architecture and implementation meets and exceeds FAIR guiding principles in all aspects.